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We recognize the value of providing the highest quality, and latest innovations to the problems our clients face.

We’ve vetted and identified strategic partners whom we believe provide platinum quality products and services that help our clients best achieve their goals.



Outstanding products combined with 3D technology is the future of the semiconductor industry.

Ebara Technologies, the premier supplier of quality pumps and vacuums for the semiconductor industry, and ZELUS™ have formed a strategic alliance to offer each other’s products and services in one package.

This is a revolutionary alliance combining a products company with a professional services company that benefits the end user by cutting material costs and labor expenses while providing schedule compression. Additional benefits include design model clash detection, prefabrication, and space management.

We encourage you to contact your Ebara or ZELUS™ representative and have them provide you actual case study material.

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ZELUS™ works on projects nationally and internationally using the latest technologies to recreate our physical world in 2D and 3D digital formats. We serve clients in construction, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, real estate, universities, transportation, and forensic investigation. We ultimately provide our customers with unmatched accountability and high-quality deliverables.

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